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Top 12 Family Christmas Traditions With Kids

Are you looking for some family Christmas traditions to make your kids feel special this year?

We all know the Christmas period is the most exciting time of the year for kids, we all experienced the festive joy ourselves all those years ago! So of course you may be looking for ideas to bring the Christmas magic to your own home. Starting a family means you get to make your own Christmas traditions to make it a special time for your little ones. Well if you happen to be struggling for inspiration, we have 12 festive traditions to make Christmas special for your family!

What are some popular Christmas traditions?

1. Leaving festive food out for Santa and Rudolf!

This classic Christmas tradition really brings the magic of Christmas alive for children! Together on Christmas Eve, set out a tray of mince pies/ cookies, and a carrot for Santa and Rudolf to enjoy! Place it by your fireplace and then watch their faces on Christmas morning as they see that the treats are gone!

2. Christmas morning stockings

If you can, buy little gifts such as festive chocolates and fluffy socks to fill your children’s stockings! This Christmas tradition gives them the added excitement of waking up early to open some gifts early in the morning, and it gives you a few more precious moments of sleep!

3. Advent calendars!

A tradition that gets children excited in the run up for Christmas is opening their advent calendars every morning! If you’re trying to be more sustainable this Christmas, you could buy a reusable advent calendar or why not make one yourself like we have. You can put chocolates in the pockets and repeat this next year, this saves on buying supermarket calendars every year and can make it more personlised and special for your kids.

DIY toilet paper advent calendar

4. Matching family pyjamas

This family Christmas tradition makes for a great picture! Get matching pyjamas for all of your family and wear them on Christmas Eve whilst you watch your family’s favourite Christmas film. This is sure to make everyone feel cosy and warm!

How can I make my child’s Christmas special?

Christmas is what you make of it, whatever you do we are sure it will make your child feel special, so if you’re looking for some tips, here are some little things you can do to make your child’s Christmas special! (our son's favorite thing!)

5. Chocolate for breakfast!

We know, this one isn’t the healthiest but… it’s Christmas! You could make this a Christmas tradition, that once a year your child can eat chocolate for breakfast without being told off! They will be having Christmas dinner soon anyway… You could even turn this sweet idea into your family’s own unique Christmas tradition! For us it got to be spreadable chocolate on pancakes!

6. A Christmas morning dance party!

Another way to make your child’s Christmas special is to play their favourite Christmas song and have a dance! This Christmas tradition is perfect for active children who can’t sit still! Let them dance their excitement away with this unique family Christmas tradition.

7. Make a Christmas Eve box

One Christmas tradition that you can start this year to make your child feel special is preparing a Christmas eve box! Who says the fun only starts on Christmas morning? You could include things like festive chocolate and sweets for them to have whilst watching a Christmas film and you could also include some cosy pyjamas too! This new tradition is sure to make them feel special.

8. Icing sugar footsteps

Do your kids ever question the truth about Santa? Do you want to put your child’s sneaky suspicions to rest? Well we have just the trick for you! Start by cutting out a footprint shape hole out of paper to create a stencil. Next sprinkle icing sugar (or talcum powder, flour, anything that looks like fake snow!) and then remove the stencil to give the appearance of Santa’s footprint. This is a great way to fool your kids and make them feel special by bringing the Christmas spirit alive! You turn this idea into a unique Christmas tradition for your family to enjoy as your own!

Family Christmas traditions

Christmas is for the family! If you’re looking for some family Christmas traditions to start with your nearest and dearest this year then keep reading.

9. Board games in the evening!

This Christmas tradition is fun for the whole family! Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly family rivalry? Playing classic games such as monopoly, charades, trivia, whichever ones are your family’s favorites, is a great way to spend Christmas day evening! It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children how to play if they don’t already know.

10. Go ice skating!

A fun family Christmas tradition you can start doing with your family this year is to go to your local ice rink! This day will surely be memorable for your kids if they are trying something new or already love the winter fun of ice skating, either way your family are in for some festive fun with this family activity!

11. Go to your local Christmas markets

If you live near some Christmas markets then this is the perfect opportunity for a family day out! You could turn a trip to the Christmas markets into an annual Christmas tradition that your kids will look forward to! Treat them and yourself one weekend to some hot chocolate, sweets, and many Christmas lights!

12. Relax with some hot chocolate and a film on Christmas eve

Our favourite cosy Christmas tradition is one that never gets old: relaxing with your family by watching your favourite Christmas film! Make Christmas eve special by setting up a cosy space for you and your kids to relax in as they wait for Santa to visit the next morning! You could make this family Christmas tradition extra special by making hot chocolate together before you put the film on.

Thank you for reading! We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas filled with family fun! We hope you enjoyed these Christmas ideas and if you try one (or all of them!) out, please tag us in your pictures! We love seeing them. Also, make sure to follow our Instagram for more play ideas. Thanks for reading!

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