Earth Day 22 April 2022

Earth Day 22 April 2022

Since we began in 2017, caring for the planet has been been top prioity

You'll see all sorts of companies talk about Earth Day today, but does the conversation stop when the day ends?

Protecting the Earth is what we're all about, 365 days a year. Our environmental commitment at Capikooa, is caring about how our products are made and the way we do business. Our love for the planet was very clear from the beginning of our journey. In 2021 we became members of 1% For The Planet with the commitment to donate 1% of our turnover. The money goes straight to causes doing good for our planet. To protect the business ethics we are creating at Capikooa we have embedded our social and environmental mission in our companies articles.

Circular by design

Our aim is simple, we want to design and make sustainable, fun toys for children to grow and learn through play. Toy waste is a big problem and we wanted to break the unsustainable linear consumption pattern (take-make-dispose). We invest in how we can create a Circular Economy in what we do. This means instead of disposing a used product (often called ‘end-of-life’) we make sure it can be reused, restored or composed. In Capikooa’s business model, our products will always be regenerative by intention but also by design. We also take pride in reducing waste and even have our own Perfectly Imperfect section on the website. This is for those products that don't meet our highest standards but are still new and safe to use.

You can see our Perfectly Imperfect balance baords.

We like Earth Day as it's the perfect excuse for thinking about ways to make the world a little bit better. It doesn't have to be big changes; some small shifts can have big impacts for you and your family.

Earth day is about being honest about sustainability. One person can’t make a big difference on their own but together we can make a big impact. Small changes together is a big step in reducing our environmental footprint!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Kids can birdwatch or observe wildlife in natural habitats found in parks and nature reserves. Spring things start coming to life from daffodils shooting up and forming buds on trees. Birds chirp more often as the weather warms up. There are also great places to visit to see blossom from the National Trust too.

As kids observe nature, they might develop a love for nature and our planet. To help celebrate Earth Day why not download our free nature hunt activity?.

What other activities can kids do for Earth Day?

Below are some of our top 5 easy things we can all do for the planet:

1. Switch off electrics at night

One easy change you can make is to start conserving energy. You can do this by turning off lights when you leave a room and unplugging electronics when they’re not in use. Conserving energy will help you save money on your electric bill and it’s good for the environment.

If your kids are like ours and love playing in different rooms but forget to turn things off behind them. A good option could be investing in timers. Also do the lights need to be that bright in a room? Changing from high wattage light to efficient LED lighting could save electricity.

2. Get creative

Don’t bin that cardboard box! Reuse it for play or in the garden as a weed barrier. For example put on your creative hats on and try using waste material for crafts and gardening or for composting! See our sustainable play post for ideas.

3. Save water

Another way to be more Earth-friendly is to use less water. This might mean fixing that dripping tap to taking shorter showers. Why not brave a cold shower, saving water while it warms up. How about encouraging your kids to change bath night for a shower?

You can also save water by collecting grey-water from washing up or rainwater in a barrel. This water can then used to water your plants or wash your car.

4. Choose to live with less

One of the best things you can do to lower your waste is buying less. A lot of new things comes in non-recyclable packaging. Most low quality items end up filling the landfills faster than the Earth can bear. It has become too easy to buy and replace things. Less stuff means less waste.

5. Make your commute a bit greener

Finally, one of the best ways to live an Earth-friendly life is to walk or bike more often. This helps to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise! You can also carpool when traveling with others.

Doing the school drop off and pick up by bike, walking or scooting. Not only do they get some fresh air also means children’s brains are more ready for the day ahead at school.

There are many small changes that families can make to help the environment. Steps in recycling, reducing energy and water usage or reducing carbon footprint we can make a big difference on Earth Day and every day. Also, make sure to follow our Instagram for more play ideas. Thanks for reading!

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