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What are kids balance boards and why buy one?

Balance boards for babies, toddlers & kids are growing in popularity with parents looking to support their child’s development through fun! Keep reading to find out what all the fuss is about and find answers to the most common balance board questions we’ve heard:

What do you use a balance board for?

Ultimately, children's balance boards are to be used for fun! Not to be confused with the training balance boards available for adults (which help work core muscles as you balance) wooden balance boards are designed to encourage physical, open-ended play for kids. The beauty of a balance board is that it can be used in any way your child likes, their imagination being the only limit! Bridge, mountain, boat, tunnel, doll’s bed, slide... the play possibilities are endless.

Due to the sturdy, rocking design of a balance board, your child will support their physical development, practice spatial awareness, and strengthen coordination as they balance, climb or carry the board within their pretend play. It’s an ideal toy for nurturing your children’s growing bodies, engaging their minds, and helping them learn important skills - without them ever noticing!

All age on a balance board

What age is a balance board for?

Are balance boards good for toddlers?

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Are balance boards safe / dangerous?

When purchased from a reputable balance board manufacturer that ensures the highest toy safety standards, balance boards are a safe and fun addition to open-ended play. Wooden balance boards in particular are known for their durability and strength, but we do recommend balance board play is supervised by an adult if your child is under 3 years old. You know your child best, so if in doubt be nearby to support them as they adventure!

At Capikooa, all our wooden kids balance boards are made to the highest quality using strong FCS Certified Beech Wood to meet child-safe CE, EN71, AS/NZS ISO 8124, and ASTM F963 standards.

Are balance boards worth it?

Buying a child's balance board can feel like a large investment to their toy collection but promises long term payback. Not only are wooden balance boards brilliant for child development (both physical and mental), due to their open-ended nature they provide play versatility that many toys don’t. I.e., they can be used in many different ways in many different games!

A quality kids balance board is also a sustainable purchase which can last down through the generations or be given to a friend when your child has finally outgrown them.

If you’re looking for a toy that lasts for years, helps your child have long, engaged play sessions which are great for their growing bodies - then yes, they’re definitely worth it.

Which balance board is best?

We believe wooden balance boards for children are the only choice when it comes to making the best long-term investment to open-ended, development boosting play. Beech wooden balance boards in particular are extremely strong (much stronger than cheaper woods) so provide a great return on investment if you want them to last for many years (even decades) to come.

The manufacturing of our boards includes multiple layers of Beech wood that adds to the sturdiness of the board when overturned to use as a bridge or other platform. All of our balance boards will hold up to the weight of an adult, with the smallest board able to hold over 110kg in weight. This ensures our Capikooa balance boards wobble when you want them to (for balancing fun) yet stay strong & sturdy when you want to climb or stand on them (turned up the other way).

When it comes to the Capikooa range, we can’t pick a favourite! They’re all beautiful and all made to the highest of standards. Which balance board is best will simply depend on your child’s age.

How long should you use a balance board?

The age your child can use a balance board has no limit. As long as you purchase a balance board that is strong enough to hold their weight, there are many ways in which younger and older children can play with and benefit from these brilliant toys.

At Capikooa, our balance board collection has been created with a board to suit each age group from baby to 8+ years. Our largest board can hold a total weight of 200kg which means it can even withstand the play of an adult too!

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