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We're Maria and Warren, playful parents and co-founders of Capikooa.

Here at Capikooa we are passionate about watching our children grow through creativity and play. We pride ourselves on making beautifully designed, and high quality toys that grow with your family. We hope our toys will excite your children’s imaginations and encourage physical movement and discovery. We believe in things that help children develop from early years and beyond. Supporting our children’s development is at the heart of everything we do, and we make sure it doesn’t cost the earth! We’ve perfected long lasting toys that reduce our environmental footprint, all the way from design, sourcing, manufacturing, through to packaging and shipping.

Welcome to our greener and creative world of play

Our Story

Capikooa was founded in 2017 by Maria and Warren, just before their second child was born. They’d both found them selves wanting to trade their tech background for the simpler joy of watching their children discover the world around them. Just like Sofia and Nolan, their babies, they became curious. They wanted to understand and support their children’s early development, sparking new interests, and ways to see the world around them. Like most new parents, researching leaps and growth spurts, they began to see the links, as their children constantly changed, evolved and learnt new skills.

The journey to play

Frustrated with poor quality of plastic toys and which many of them have a short life span, due to their purpose, and play value being limited. Stimulating their little ones without battery driven toys, and without plugging in devices, felt like a fresh approach. These understandings gave life to the embryo, and DNA of the Capikooa brand. We highly value movement, creativity and imagination at play, to support children’s development. We believe in creating sustainable products and want to ensure we’re leaving a green footprint in the world.

How we got here

One simple question from Maria to Warren! Can you use your years of product development to make me balance boards, children need this one toy in their lives not hundreds. One caveat, if we do this, we have to be a business that does good for planet and people. We started as Young & Learning and rebranded in Nov 2020 to Capikooa
To date our customers have helped provide hundreds of children entering emergency accommodation with a comforter teddy to the buddy bag foundation when they purchase a balance board.

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What a lovely company! Such friendly warm service. We absolutely adore our balance board. My children are on the autistic spectrum and so the curvy board is very helpful for them to manage their excessive energy and need to self regulate. I would highly recommend them for this purpose. They also look lovely and unlike lots of resources for additional needs do not look out of place in a living room, it just looks like a snazzy piece of furniture! Thank you so much

Emma Morris Lancashire UK

The curvy board is excellent. Very high quality. It arrived very fast and the costumer service is the best I have ever experienced. Very approachable and informative. The board is super comfy for me to just chill and rock and fun for my 1 year old. Thank you...

Despina Na UK

Our curvy board is brilliant, we have so far used it for magnetic hockey, as a slide, climbing frame, space scene, night and day background, small world scene, a seesaw and finally somewhere to chill and read books! It’s amazing quality and a toy used daily by both my boys aged 15 months and 2 years 10 months. The shop owner was so helpful when choosing the size and giving me a better insight into the boards and the learning opportunities. I love that it’s great value for money also!

Eve Webb UK
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