Capikooa Co-founders Warren and Maria with their children psoing for the camera

Capikooa About-us


We're Maria and Warren, playful parents and co-founders of Capikooa.

We know what it’s like to want the best for your little ones. To not only want them to be healthy, happy, and thriving as they grow, but to want them to have the best future on this planet too!

We also know what it’s like to be conscious shoppers who don’t want your house to be overrun with unnecessary plastic tat they’ll be bored with in a day... And how hard it can feel to find toys both your children will fall in love with and that you’ll be proud to have around your home. Capikooa was born to change that!

All our products are designed to support your child’s development, look beautiful and ensure they don’t cost the earth. Each made to provide endless hours of imagination and last down the generations.

Welcome to our greener and creative world of play

Capikooa Story

Capikooa was founded in 2017, just before the birth of our second child. Like our babies, Sofia and Nolan, we had become curious! What would life look like to trade our tech backgrounds with the joy of building our own business and being there to watch our children discover the world around them? And how could we do it in a way that would be great for other families too...

With hours of parental research under our belt, we were fascinated by the growth spurts and developmental leaps of our children and loved discovering how we could best support them through childhood.

Capikooa Co-founders Maria and Warren playing with their kids in the living room

Frustrated with poor-quality plastic toys

We soon realised the poor-quality plastic toys (so many parents rely on) just weren’t encouraging the active, imaginative fun our kids deserved! And so, the DNA of the Capikooa brand was born. A brand that would value exactly what families really need:

Playful products that value creativity, imagination, movement and hours of open-ended play which supports child development

How we got here

Using Warren’s product development experience, we launched with our first design - a sustainable wooden balance board. A balance board designed to delight kids, do good for the planet, and become a family heirloom parents will want to hand down to their grandkids or proudly pass on to friends. We wanted to create a toy that meant less waste and hours more fun!

Now with thousands of balance boards sold and other sustainable wooden toys in the pipeline, our mission remains: to ensure your child will have the best playtime possible.

Find out more about how we do business to make sure our products do good by you, your child and the planet

Our name

Capikooa - Pronounced: Cap-ee-koo-ah

First named ‘Young & Learning’ we re-branded in November 2020 to better represent products which are beneficial to the whole child (from mind to body).

Reflecting Maria’s Spanish origin, we were inspired by words from Valenciano and Catalan. ‘Cap’ meaning ‘head’ and ‘Cua’ meaning ‘tail’ (head to tail). We’ve tweaked the spelling so the phrase can be pronounced both in Spanish and English.

Our new name is also a lot more fun to say, and we’re all about more fun!

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